Winners Cycle Graphics gold leaf pinstripe decals
Drifter Indian Headress Tank Lettering
Inspired by the old Indian nameplate of long ago, these tank
lettering decals are the perfect finishing touch for your Drifter
motorcycle. Red and Black Thermal Resin printed on Engine
Turned Gold Leaf decal base which lends a touch of class to
your bike.  
The kit includes two Drifter decals (one for
each side of the gas tank)
plus an extra practice decal and
everything you need for a simple do it yourself installation.
Now available
in Engine
Turned Silver
Leaf and Matte
Gold, too!
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Now available in Engine Turned Silver Leaf, too!
Our newest offering is the Drifter decal printed on Engine Turned Silver outdoor
durable premium vinyl. These decals look great on the silver inset on Drifter tanks
as well as black Drifters! Also available without "Drifter Lettering".
Drifter Indian Head Tank Decal
Color choice option:
Sale Price:
Kawasaki Drifter,
© WCG 2019
Decal measures 9.5" wide x 3" tall. This decal is not
designed to cover older decals from other manufacturers.
Decal shown on 2001 custom painted Drifter 800.