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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Do the decals ship immediately?
A.  No, the majority of our decals are custom-made to order.
Depending on the finish chosen they take several days do
print, cure, package and ship. Please plan ahead to make sure
you get your decals with time to finish your build, especially if
you have a show or deadline you're hoping to meet.

Q.  Are the graphics removable?
A.  Yes the decals are removable. They are also permanent;
they will stay on as long as you like, provided you take
reasonable care of them and prepare the surface carefully
with the Preparation Fluid included in the kit. We like to think
of them as convertible. You can apply Gold Leaf Pinstripes
this year, Two Tone Pinstripes next year, and Old School
Pinstripes the year after that.

Q.  Will the decals cause any damage to my bike's paint job?
A.  No, the decals will not damage your factory paint job,
even when removed. They are also safe to use with custom
painted or repainted bikes provided the bike was painted with
automotive quality paint such as a body shop would use.

Q.  Which finish should I order?
A.  If your motorcycle has gloss/shiny paint, order gloss
finish. If your motorcycle has a matte/flat paint (like Harley's
Denim), order Matte (OldSchool) finish. If you intend to
clearcoat over the decals with automotive polyurethane, order
No Clear. The finish covers the whole decal including the
space between the stripes.

Q.  Can I clear coat over the decals?
A.  Yes, but you should spray a test panel to see if they are
compatible with the paint you are using. You can custom
order them with no clear coat by simply typing in "Please do
not clear coat" in the comments box on the order form.  
Custom painters who have used them like these decals
because they are very thin and easy to bury under clear coat.

Q.  Can I order them in custom colors?
A.  Yes, we can usually accommodate custom color requests
within the color range of the resin pigments we use. Please
email for details on your specific needs.

Q.  Can I order just one decal and the installation kit to see if
I like them?
A.  Yes, we have a new page for ordering our "Single
Sampler" kits. You can find the link for these new kits on our
home page. We also offer many of our Old School styles as
"Choose Your Own" with options for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 style

Q.  Are these decals just the stripes or are they printed on a
clear base?
A.  They are printed on a clear base and then die-cut around
the outside edge. The edge is not noticeable from a few of  
feet away.

Q.  Can I apply wax over these decals?
A.  When you wax the bike, just avoid waxing over the decal
areas, but you don't have to be too careful. After 90 days,
you can wax freely. After you apply the wax, you may notice
a white buildup along the edge. You can use some of the
leftover application fluid from the kit sprayed on a paper
towel and rub along the edges of the decal to remove the
wax from the edges. Just be careful at the ends and corners,
so you don't lift the decal.
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