Winners Cycle Graphics gold leaf pinstripe decals
10th Anniversary
Fire Fighter Tribute Emblems
Our tribute to the Firemen who paid the
ultimate price in the tragic events of 9/11/01
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This emblem pays tribute to the 343 Fire Fighters who
bravely gave their lives to help others. Durable resin foil
is printed onto Engine Turned Gold Leaf vinyl which
gives a candy red over gold effect that looks amazing in
sunlight. This decal looks perfect on a rear fender, side
cover, oil tank, gas cap, or horn cover (among other
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Actual size: Approx. 2.25" x 2.25"
Fire 911 Emblem
Reg. Price
These 9-11 Tribute decals don't require any application fluid.
The best way to apply them is to use the hinge method. Position
the decal exactly where you want it on your bike while having a
1" piece of masking tape handy. Place the tape at the top of the
decal, half on the application tape which covers the face of the
allows you to lift the decal and remove the backing paper while
holding it up from the surface of the bike. Then, working from
the top, work the decal onto the surface of the bike using your
thumb to push out any air from beneath the decal. Once in is
completely on the bike, rub it firmly into position with your
thumb. Then carefully remove the application tape by peeling it
directly back on itself at 180 degrees.
10th Anniversary
911 Tribute Decal- Medium 4"
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on all of our 911 Tribute Emblems!
10th Anniversary
911 Tribute Decal- Extra Large 7.25"
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