"Old School" Big Bagger kit
Our Old School kits are available
in a wide variety of color choices
for that traditional "Old School" look!
Winners Cycle Graphics gold leaf pinstripe decals
This kit contains everything you see below...  A variety of Classic "Old School" hand
painted pinstripes just like "The Dutch" would have made . Also included is the
installation kit along with complete instructions.
Includes all 15 designs pictured
below plus extra "practice decals" so you can try out the application process!  
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Height of the longer designs is approx. 13.5 inches, other styles in proportion A variety of decals specifically designed to fit your Big
Harley bagger. We also have alternate designs available to tailor your Big Bagger kit to your needs. If you have questions please call
fridge in the basement, etc.  Order today!
Now Available!  Choose Your Own Custom Color Combinations!
All of our Old School Kits are now available with a "Matte Finish" option which is used on Harley "Denim" paint and Old School matte or flat black.

"Old School" Big Bagger kit
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Choose your two colors from
the pull down menus at right,
select the decal base (gloss
or matte) then click Order
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Choose a unique color combination to match the style or theme of your bike! Select your color choices
from the drop down menus above. Then click the "Order Now" button to register your color choices.
Your Old School Pinstripes will be custom made to your order! Available colors are shown below
Choose the finish that matches your motorcycle (Gloss, Matte or No Clear)