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Custom Pinstripe Decal Kits "Roll Your Own"- 3 Styles
Please choose 3 different styles from the 26 style choices
above ( click on the image to open a larger view in a new
window- if the image is not clear, click on the resize
arrows in the lower right hand corner for a full size view)
Custom Pinstripe Decal Kit with 3 Style Choices
Please choose from the 3 options below then click the order button
Choice 1(scroll to choose)
Choice 2(scroll to choose)
Choice 3(scroll to choose)
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These Custom Pinstripe Decal Kits allow you to choose your favorite designs from our catalog of 26 different styles. Choose 3 items from the Style List which you can access by clicking on the image above for a detail view. (If the image you see is not clear, roll your mouse over it and click on the resize symbol as at left.)
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Decals come with complete
installation kit and instructions