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CUSTOM Pinstripe Decal Kits
These Custom Gold and Silver pinstripes look great on all types of bikes,
from Sport Bikes to Cruisers and Choppers, too!  Our Custom Pinstripe
Decal Kits allow you to "Roll Your Own" by choosing the styles you want
from our selection of 26 different styles, 10 of which are brand new.  
Please scroll down the page for a detailed image of each style with the
dimensions in inches and a detailed description of where they are
normally used. Feel free to invent new uses and combine different styles
to make your own unique creations!
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Click one of the three options below:
Custom Kit 1 with 3 style choices
Custom Kit 2 with 5 style choices
Custom Kit 3 with 7 style choices
for Full Dresser  Motorcycles
All 26 of the styles in this Gallery are available in either Gold or Silver.
Click here to see the Style Chart of all 26 designs!
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Custom Kit 1a with 2 style choices