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2-Tone Sportster Custom kit
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This Two Tone Sportster kit is the perfect thing to spice up the looks of
your Sportster style motorcycle. A total of 11 different designs, this kit
works well on any Sportster Custom or motorcycle with center mounted
gas tank bezel and most "custom" style bikes with narrow front fender.
Includes complete installation kit with step by step easy to follow
instructions and an extra practice decal so you can familiarize yourself
with the installation procedure. Available in a wide variety of custom
color choices! Choose your favorite from the drop-down Color Option
above, then click Order Now to lock in your color choice!
Regular Price:
Sale Price:
Gas Tank Top
Rear Fender
Oil Tank
Front Fender
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If there is a color combination you want but don't see in the drop-down menu, send us an email to request it!
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